Slow smoked, big & meaty Alberta beef bones, knuckles and nubs. $10, $15, $20, & $25 options available

Dear Dog Treats Meaty Beef Bones are for serious chewers. A highly digestible source of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, our big beef bones are ideal for increased dental health, mental well being (in the reduction of boredom) and healthier digestion. Bones are individually provided, pre-tagged and priced by size and/or weight, and never shrink-wrapped with salt brine.

Always choose a bone that is larger than a dog’s mouth. A larger bone will make a dog open its mouth wide, the dogs jaw power will be decreased making the bone session more desirable. More teeth cleaning, safer, and the bone lasts longer.

Recommended consumption: 1 bone given, 1/2 hour daily throughout the week (store in a plastic bag in the freezer between chews)