About Us

The humble history of Dear Dog Treats is a true labour of love for Fort Saskatchewan community leader, activist, hunter and dog enthusiast, Dennis Stelmack.

Always looking for new ways to treat and train his many dogs (and to win the hearts of other canines at the dog park), Stelmack began collecting the side cuts of fat, meat and sinew from his hunting spoils that proved too difficult to consume and would slow cook them for hours over an open flame. Allowing the pieces to air dry for a few days, he would then fill his pockets with bite-sized treats for long walks at the dog park or through the community. Neighbourhood dogs soon recognized Stelmack for the wonderfully enticing aromas emanating from his pockets, and dog owners quickly came to appreciate his simple, healthy treats for the joy and delight they provided for their pets.

For all this and more, Stelmack felt compelled to write the love letter to pets and pet owners that would begin with the words Dear Dog Treats…

In fact it’s the name itself… the name Dear Dog Treats, which conjures more than anything else, the basic, yet limitless potential of the love letter: A letter of love from our family to yours, and an open invitation for you to respond with any comments or questions you might have.

Dear Dog Treats… the potential of the message that may follow this sweet salutation (when spoken by a customer who has witnessed first hand the attraction of their dog to these treats) is awe-inspiring. And yet, perhaps all of that potential can be summed up in one simple statement: Dear Dog Treats… You are loved.