Slow-smoked, 100% Alberta beef bone chews.

Dear Dog Treats Marrow Medallions are nutrient-dense chews rich in minerals, including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Ideal for increased dental health and mental well-being (in the reduction of boredom), our flavourful bite-sized beefy bones also contain the essential compounds known to counter inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.

Our sizes are Tiny (for small dogs), Small (For medium size dogs) , and Medium ( for bigger dogs)

Please be mindful of the choking hazard if too small and the emptied bone hollow getting stuck around the bottom jaw if too big.

Marrow medallions are recommended for smaller dogs or light chewers. They are meant to help smaller breeds access the health benefits from marrow. If your dog is larger or an aggressive chewer, try a larger bone, either small, medium, large or extra large size.

Recommended consumption: 1 bone given, 1/2hr daily throughout the week (stored in a plastic bag in the freezer between chews).