Raw FAQs

Why RAW food?

Before canines were domesticated, they thrived on an “evolutionary diet” of raw meats, bones, fruits and vegetables. The potential benefits of this diet include lower starch intake, which promotes healthier gut bacteria, more balanced blood sugar levels, a better endocrine system, shinier coats, more defined muscle tone, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools, and even improved behaviour.

How is your RAW food different from other raw food?

Dear Dog Treats has partnered with a Red Deer, Alberta RAW food producer with over 30 years experience in meat and pet nutrition to utilize only the best local products and produce a more balanced and healthier raw dog food than can be found in most markets. Additionally, each batch is weighed to strict specifications to ensure that your dog gets the same amount of quality product every time.

How will my pet digest RAW food?

All of our RAW products are ground 3-4 times for a smoother consistency providing ease in digestion. Dogs who eat this RAW product on a regular basis ultimately create smaller amounts of stools.

Can my dog go straight to RAW foods?

Some dogs can go straight to a RAW diet… however for others it is beneficial to ease them into RAW foods. We recommend you start by adding 25% RAW food to 75% of your pet’s regular kibble and working up to 50%, 75% and eventually a 100% RAW diet. Often this works out to be less cost than a straight kibble diet.

Will my dog meet all of its dietary needs with your RAW food?

Absolutely! Our proprietary process for crushing and emulsifying bone meal provides additional calcium, proteins and other nutrients to all of our products.

How much RAW food should I feed my adult dog?

Adult dogs should eat approximately 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day, spread across 2-3 meals (e.g. a 10kg dog should eat roughly 200g of raw food per day).

How much RAW food should I feed my puppy?

Puppies should eat approximately 5-6% of their body weight per day, spread across 3-4 meals (e.g. a 1kg puppy should eat roughly 50 – 60g of raw food per day).

My dog is overweight, how much RAW food should I feed it?

Weight is controlled on calories consumed compared to calories burned. A heavy dog should not be fed according to its actual weight, but to its ideal weight. Knowing that adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal weight per day, if your dog is 20kg but is 5kgs overweight you should only feed it 2-3% of 15kg, which would be 300g-450g per day. Exercise is also a key component to a dog’s overall health… so get out there and be active!

How do I feed RAW food to my dog?

RAW food can be given to a pet either frozen or defrosted. There is no need to add anything. Simply cut open the tube of RAW food and feed according to your dog’s ideal weight.

How long will RAW food last?

The RAW tubes are double clipped in a sealed casing chub that prevents leakage and freezer burn, ensuring freshness at all times. Un-opened tubes can stay frozen for up to 1 year.

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